Rowan Damming vs Alejandro Enriquez

Men’s Q/F: Guatemalan Advances and Performance from Jeeva

Echoing the Women’s Quarterfinals, the No.1 seed Rowan Damming suffered a defeat against the Guatemalan Alejandro Enriquez. After losing the first game 4-11, the world-ranked #54 player from the Netherlands began disputing the Referee’s decisions on lets and strokes, visibly applying more force into his shots. Despite Damming's efforts, the relentless energy and skill displayed by the Guatemalan player led to a 0-3 victory.

History repeated itself as the two Guatemalan players, Luis Quisquinay and Josue Enriquez, faced each other for the second consecutive year at the SACC. In a swift match, the SACC Costa Rica Open 2022 winner knocked out his compatriot 3-0, despite Quisquinay’s overall strong presence on the court and many confident boast shots sent from the back.

The crowd’s favourite of the day, however, turned out to be Malaysia’s Sanjay Jeeva. He put on a true artistic show in his three-game match against Mexico’s Alfredo Lopez. While the Mexican player fought hard against the No.4 seed, Jeeva’s unpredictable shots and nimbleness as he ran tirelessly across the court not only won him many cheers from the crowd but also secured his 3-0 victory and a spot in the Semi Finals.

Rowan Damming vs Alejandro Enriquez (4-11, 8 -11, 8-11)
Luis Quisquinay vs Josue Enriquez (2-11,7-11,8-11)
Sanjay Jeeva vs Alfredo Lopez (11-7, 11-6, 11-6)
Anthony Lepper vs Jeremias Azaña (13-11, 11-6, 8 – 11, 6-11, 6-11)

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