Ineta Mackevica vs Habiba Hani

Women’s Q/F: Major Surprises

The Quarterfinals day unfolded with a significant upset, as Ineta Mackevic, the No.1 seed ranked #57 in the PSA World’s Ranking, suffered a 3-0 defeat against Habiba Hani, the rising star from Egypt ranked #142. The seasoned Latvian player maintained her composure throughout the match, delivering well-polished shots filled with power; however, the 18-year-old Hani compensated for her lesser experience with amazing technique, deceptive kill shots, and strong determination emanating from her on the court.

In another intense match spanning over 52 minutes, two top seeds, Alex Haydon and Torrie Malik, battled for their spot in the Semi-Finals. Most of the games were neck-and-neck, with Malik delivering many strong and confident straight drives. However, after five games, New Zealand’s Haydon secured her victory with a versatile technique and evidently greater speed.

The events took a sad turn during the match between Hannah Craig (IRE) and Winifer Bonilla (GUA), as it was cut short at 9-7 in the second game due to Winifer suffering an ankle injury. We wish Winifer a speedy recovery.

Ineta Mackevica vs Habiba Hani (5-11, 8-11, 3-11)
Darlyn Sandoval vs Caroline Fouts (0-11, 1-11, 2-11)
Winifer Bonilla vs Hannah Craig (11-6, 10-7)
Alex Haydon vs Torrie Malik (3-11, 12-10, 7-11, 11-5, 11-9)


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