Josue Enriquez (GUA)

Men's Championship final 2022

Josue Enriquez (GUA) vs Jeremias Azaña (ARG)

Men's championship culminated with the dramatic four game final. The competition between two players who know each other well was fierce as both were aware of the opponent's style and play's manner. The first game was fairly long with very good shots from Enriquez and with very assertive response shots from Azaña winning that game 13/11. The second game kicked of carrying the same energy, however, with Josue being more aggressive and fast he managed to sync with Argentinian player impacting the Jeremias's assertiveness. Jeremias fought back vigorously , however, the last two games Enriquez found himself to the good against Azaña winning the battle and securing his Championship title.

Championship for Josue Enriquez 3-1 (11/13, 11/8, 11/4, 11/2)

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