Laura Tovar (COL)

Women's final 2022

Lucia Bautista (COL) vs Laura Tovar (COL)

Bautista caused a couple of upsets during the tournament, therefore, the final of the women's draw between two Colombian players was intriguing and thrilling. Players did their best advancing in each round. The Colombian top seed Laura Tovar showed the great concentration in the first game and demonstrated classical technique while trying to stay calm in the strained game. Lucia Bautista who looked very focused and sharp at the every shot showing supreme composure and putting incredible efforts to win. There was so much skill in amazing, high intensity rallies and deceptive shots. It was a tough match but Laura Tovar claimed third and fourth game to secure the victory. Congratulations to Laura, the first winner of SACC Costa Rica Women's tournament.

Championship for Laura Tovar 1-3 (11/7, 4/11, 11/8, 11/9)

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